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A Brief account of this clinic’s


After undergoing thorough training in latest skin testing techniques, Dr. Vipul shah has carried out Allergy testing on people of all ages from tow years old children to 84 yrs. Old  world renowned jain Acharya  His Highness Shri Mahapragyaji and Samani Dr. Stithprajana, Dr. Satyaprajyaji, respected Sadhvi Kanakshriji. Dr. Shah has also tested leading consultant doctor in Surat and other cities. He has successfully tested patients with Allergic rhinitis, Allergic asthma, Allergic conjunctivitis, Skin allergy after through allergy testing.

In 1992 Dr. Shah presented a unique research paper on allergy due to Malaria at the 50th Annual conference of American college of allergy asthma & immunology in Chicago.
Dr. Shah’s paper on allergy was also presented at the 1992 conference of European Society for allergy & Asthma at Meridian Spain. The same paper was also presented at conference of the Royal college of Physician & Surgeon of Glasgow, UK, held at Chennai.

Another important research paper was presented by Dr. Shah at the National conference for pulmonary disease (NAPCON) Jaipur in 2002.on the role of histaglobulin in allergy and at Ahmedabad in 2004 on ‘Food allergy & conjunctivitis.’

Dr. Shah’s paper on “the role of histaglobulin in allergy” was nominated for V. Raju gold madel in the conference of Indian college of allergy, asthma and immunology at Madras in 2002.
A paper on food allergy & immunology was presented at the Indian college of allergy asthma & immunology Banglore conference in 2003. The American college of allergy asthma & immunology conference in Rio-Dejenirrio Brazil accepted Dr. Shah’s paper on the subject for presentation.
Dr. shah was awarded jaipur research grant for investigation of possible allergen cousin of allergic conjunctivitis (2004).

In 2005 research paper on new pollen allergen of Mangifera Indica was presented in Indian college of allergy asthma & immunology conference in Bhuneshwer. In april 2005 Dr. shah was awarded  observer ship at the world famous department of allergy headed by Dr. Criss Corrigen in Guy’s & St. Thomas teaching hospital London U.K. In nov. 2006 at the NAPCON conference in nagpur & in ICAAAI jalandhar conference Dr. Shah’s research paper was accepted for presentation.

In, 2006 Dr. shah was invited by the American college of allergy asthma & immunology at their Philadelphia USA conference to present his paper in new pollen allergy & personal volumetric air sampler techniques. On personal presentation at this USA conference Dr. Shah not only presented the paper but demonstrated the usefulness of personal volumetric air sampler which was developed & designed by himself personally.

In Jan 2007 DR. VIPUL SHAH was Awarded Ph.D. degree for his unique research work.

Allergy is a word we hear from all around these days and this is not surprising in this day & age of rapid industrialization & consequent pollution. The discomfort of allergy in reality more severe that can be describe in words only the sufferer knows & feel how bed it is allergy is frequently diagnosed by many doctors but the underline cause of allergy is very difficult to identified and treat successfully the presenting symptoms of allergy varying from bouts of frequent sneezing watering from nose, watering from red eye, attacks of asthma, urticaria  Hive’s on the skin and prolong bouts of itching commonly.

We are please to announce that our pioneering allergy and asthma clinic + research center in south Gujarat has full facilities to identified and treat more 120 allergy inducing food like grains, pubes, vegetables, dry fruits, soft drinks, meat product fish etc. and 34 types of flowering plants, grass pollen, 15 types of fungi from aircondisner, refrigerators, mud wet earth particles from humid atmosphere, 10 types of insects like cockroaches, mosquitoes locusts etc. 10 types of dust and dust particles from both inside and outside the home, smoke, 4 types of dust mites which are not visible to the necked eyes.          

After identify the allergy causing material with scientific test, treatment is easier and effective with a course of injection made from the offending material in a majority of cases allergy can be completely cured and in other at lest the attack of allergy and its symptoms can be minimized by helping the body to fight it. In the case of food allergy the treatment is easier by treating the allergy through sub lingual (ORAL) route. (I.e. placing the treatment substance under the tongue


In general terms Allergy can be defined as unknown exaggeration response of the body to some substances.


  1. Prolong bouts of running nose itching, burning in nose, sneezing, etc. are symptoms suggesting allergic rhinitis.
  2. Cough, chest pain, shortness of breath, breathing difficulty, and gabhraman are symptoms suggesting allergic asthma.
  3.  Red eye, watering from eyes, burning of eyes and itching are all symptoms suggesting of allergic conjunctivitis.
  4. Itching of skin, skin becoming red, hives on skin, eczema or urticaria are suggesting symptoms of skin allergy
  5. Certain medicines like penicillin, sulfa etc. can cause allergy  called drug allergy.


Any substance causing the symptoms described above where coming with contact within body is called allergen.


All through out the day we come in contact with various and many substances  for example, dust, pollen from flowers, weeds, smoke, dander, perfume, mattel, cream, soap, and other substance which we apply to the skin, some foods medicines etc. get in the body one way or the other and cause allergy.

Allergy is very common and to some extent inherited disease. To cure it one has to correctly identify the different allergic substance and then stay away from it. This is the first step to the treatment. However there is much other substance with which people are in contact but for the patients. It is very difficult to identify the exact allergen what can be done in such cases?
The answer lies in the “Modified skin allergy test”. This test is the most informative test among different testing available world wide. For this test it is important to stop anti allergic medicine 48 hrs (2 days) prior to testing.


In this method of allergy testing more than 200 allergens can be identified Different allergens can be apply to skin and mild scratch done. This is then followed by the allergy specialist who can identify the allergen responsible for allergy by applying certain criteria. Once the allergen is identified special injection containing the allergens are made in the laboratory and then the injections are given to patient at interval of a said days until the changes is consulted this result improvement in the patient ability to fight the allergy. Without suffering from the symptoms even when sustaining exposed to the allergy in daily life.

Most of people can be completely cured of allergy by this method and in others the symptoms can be minimized by giving significant relief to the attacks.  
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