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Welcome to Allergy

It is a hypersensitive response to an allergy to which an organism has previously been exposure causes the release of Histamine and a variety of symptoms including Urticaria, Eczema, Dyspnea, bronchospasm, Diarrhoea, Sinusitis, Laryngospasm and Anaphylaxis

Allergy affects the lives of thousands of people every year and for some it is a potentially life threatening disease.
We can provide you with up to date information on all aspects of allergy, food intolerance and chemical sensitivity.

If you think that you may have an allergy or an intolerance we can help you. Our fully trained staff will be able to guide you to the appropriate specialist and provide you with practical advice and support in managing your symptoms. Remember you are not alone.

There is a wealth of allergy information available on this site including many detailed fact sheets and articles written and approved by leading specialists in the field of allergy.

We endorse a wide range of products as being suitable for the majority of allergy sufferers.


The source of an allergy producing substance, the allergy producing substance it self, one or more of the specific proteins that make up the substance and provoke the immune response, including lgE antibodies. They are often common, usually harmless substance such as pollen, mold spores, animal tander, dust, dust mite's, food, insect venoms and drug.

Pollen Allergy - Pollen is made by plant's.It can be so small that cannot be seen except through microscope some type of pollen ( such as that produced by trees, grasses and weeds)

Mold - mold look like green, black or white spots on plant's or on damp surfaces. Mold is spread by particles called spores that float in air like pollen. It can be found outdoors in soil or an plant's, rotting wood, or dead leaves, it can also be found indoors in damp places like basements bathroom, refrigerator's and window slits.


What is Asthma?

Asthma is Expression and immediate hypersensitive reaction in lower airways.

Asthma is very common among children, teens and adults. It is a disease that causes the airways of the lungs to tighten.

An asthma attack is when your lungs aren’t getting enough air to breathe. Your child might be having an asthma attack if he or she has:

Trouble breathing
Chest pain
Chest tightness

What causes Asthma Attacks?

Things that cause asthma attacks are called triggers.

Triggers are everywhere.

Any home can be full of triggers like mold, dust mites smoke, cockroaches, cats and dogs, Perfume, Talcum, Powder.

Other asthma triggers may be air pollution (such as ozone, small particles, and pollen), foods, respiratory infections and exercise.

Asthma cannot be cured. But, with the help of a doctor (allergy testing and vaccination) and an asthma action plan, you can make sure your child stays active and healthy.

Natural Remedies to Cure or Treat Asthma

The below information has been submitted to us by Earth Clinic's readers.

The Elimination of Dairy Products
3 Readers confirm that eliminating dairy from the diet alleviates asthma attacks.

with drug, inhaler, nebulizer we can prevent it but allergy testing and vaccination one can cure asthma or reduce attack.

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