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Allergy testing.

There is also the option of having blood allergy testing. These come in forms besides just a RAST, including Fluoro-allergosorbent (FAST), Multiple antigen simultaneous (MAST), and Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). A blood allergy test involves having blood drawn from the arm by a health professional. The blood is then sent to Dr. Vipul Shah Clinic where the sample is placed on a special paper and examined. Dr. Vipul Shah will then determine if the person's blood contains antibodies for the suspected allergens. Blood work is examined for an elevated blood count or an elevation in white blood cells. Although these allergy tests are more expensive than those of the skin, blood work is most effective for reactions caused by drugs and non-food allergens. In addition, this determiner keeps the tester from being forced to encounter a possible allergen and suffer with the symptoms.

There are various procedures used in identifying the specific allergens that afflict the patient involved. Such test are helpful in prescribing treatment to prevent allergic reaction or reduce their sensitivity.

Skin testing is the most common procedure for allergy dictation. Positive reaction usually occurs within 20 minutes and commonly many tested in varing degrees forming wheal and erythema. Factors considered in allergy test include the medical history of patient, allergy history, environment and diet. Individuals to be tested are usually instructed to discontinue the use of any antihistamines at least 24 to 48 hrs before the test because these drug can interface with normal test response. Modified skin allergy testing is more inter native for detection of allergy. It is very simple and safe.

Allergy Testing by Serum IgE (Blood)



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