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Cold & Cough

If you tend to get frequent "colds" that develop suddenly and occur at the same time every year, it is possible that you are actually suffering from seasonal allergies. Although colds and allergies may share some of the same symptoms, they are very different diseases. Here's why:

Cause. Colds are caused by viruses. Allergies are an immune system response caused by exposure to an allergen — something you're allergic to — such as pollen or pet dander. Cold viruses are easily spread from person to person. You can't "catch" an allergy from someone who has an allergy.

Running nose, sneezing, blockage is treated with hasal spry oral tablet and allergy testing based Immunotheraphy.


A Cough is sudden, often repetitive spasmodic, contraction of the thoracic Cavity resulting in vidlant release of air from the lungs, and usually accompanied by a distinctive sound. Dry and spasmodic cough, can be treated with medication and Allergy Testing based Immunotheraphy (Oral and Injectable vaccine)

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